When you enjoy the well balanced medium bodied smoke of a Zoidian Cigar you are experiencing 10 plus years of research and immersion in the industry of tobacco growing, blending, rolling, marketing and sales by long time Cigar Afficionado and National Sales Rep George Hafoury. From seed to delivery of the perfect hand rolled cigar, George is there. In his role as a Cigar Salesman, George was able to learn first hand from cigar retailers and their customers what a smoker desired in a cigar. They wanted quality hand rolled Dominican Cigars at an affordable price. During numerous trips to the Dominican Republic, George cultivated relationships with tobacco growers, factory owners, and the craftsmen who would eventually go on to roll the perfect Zoidian Cigar. George learned from his Dominican friends how to best create a quality cigar that would satisfy the tastes and pocketbook of the novice and the experienced smoker alike. Enjoy Zoidian Cigars... The Affordable Luxury.